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Bare naked violence and prejudices openly displayed on a global stage. The tradegy of loss and betrayal. Coming of age whilst bathed in lamented blood. The Corring Mush is a tale of pride. Pride in knowing when to fight, when to walk away and above all when to forgive.

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Dr Vincent McKee is to be commended for producing an ambitious comparative analysis of language activism and promotion in Scotland and Northern Ireland. His insights are a valuable contribution to the ongoing debate on how the societal condition of the Gaelic groups on both sides of Sruth na Maoile can be advanced.

This humble yet brutally honest narrative explores the very real and painful experience that is addiction. Based on real events this was someone's life. The chaos and carnage leave behind little doubt that once the venom takes hold addiction squeezes life out of you, but there is always hope and a second chance for those who break their habit.

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This is a tale about a group of Englishmen and Welshmen who are shipwrecked off the west coast of France on their return from the crusade led by King Richard I. It follows their affiliation and friendship with a local French settlement in times both good and bad. There are several battles against an evil and demonic force over a period of many years. It becomes a prolonged war between good and evil, with many supernatural events throughout, in a way that challenges the belief systems of Sir Jacques and the others.

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